The most reliable & professional transport in West Africa.


Wakamara was founded to provide quality, brand name heavy equipment, trucks, and aftermarket service to the West African region. We help our partners to level up productivity, efficiency and safety in their fields.

QUALITY TRUCKS & TRAILERS Only reliable vehicles.

Our trucks and trailers come from leading USA and European manufacturers, which are rigorously tested for quality and durability. Depending on the application and customer demands, we also upfit our trucks and trailers for off road or extreme duty uses. We have flat bed, dumpers, heavy haul, and multiple use trucks and trailers available for all of your hauling needs.

PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS Experienced and knowledgeable truck operators.

We recruit our drivers with three main attributes: Experience, Knowledge, and Honesty. We trust our drivers to deliver the load on-time, without problems, and with the highest level of customer service. Our drivers know how to navigate the challenges of cross country transportation. Poor roads, border crossings, and other challenges are no problem for our professional drivers.

FLEXIBLE CONTRACTS Because we care about your needs.

We understand not all requests will be easily fit into a standard contract. That is why we offer a customized contract for your exact needs. From a single load of basic material to highly specialized heavy load, we will provide the right contract at the right rate.

ALWAYS ON TIME Transparent & well managed delivery.

In Cross border and even domestic transport, delays can and do happen. However, we strive to provide transparent communication between you and the load, keeping you informed of any important updates to allow you to better plan for the arrival of your important delivery.

WHEREVER YOU NEED IT. Regional & local availability.

Our drivers and managers are experienced at transporting goods in West Africa. Many of our drivers have spent their careers traveling in and through many countries and know the procedures, customs, and industry standards in each. Based in Dakar, Senegal, we are capable of deploying trucks for transit or under contract in Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, and others. Contact us for specific quotes and capabilities in your market.


Wakamara provides best quality by delivering equipment and services only from finest companies with a deep experience in the field.


Trust your transporter. Contact Wakamara!